Tour Details

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

Imagine what your friends will say when you tell them you just got back from the Valley of Tequila...

On our tours, you'll see it all: walking down cobblestone colonial streets, meeting jimadors (agave farmers), enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine and hospitality, and of course, tasting Tequila with Master Distillers and our expert guides. Expect early mornings, exquisite tastes, tons of knowledge, and the finest Tequilas available!

So why wait? Tours start at just $750 per person and include everything except airfare (although we can make arrangements for 10 or more flying out of the same city).


Upon arrival for most tours, you will check in to the charming Villa del Ensueño, in old town Tlaquepaque. Featuring spacious rooms, a swimming pool, a full bar and a colonial courtyard, the hotel mixes the best of new world comforts and old world style. Hundreds of craft and antique shops, restaurants, bars and more are just around the corner from this centrally located gem.

We shift hotels seasonally based on daylight hours, traffic and other conditions to create the most ideal itinerary based on years of guest feedback.

Meals & Entertainment

Jalisco is nearly as famous for its cuisine as its Tequila, and you will have a chance to sample it all, from banquet style dinners to street taco lunches, and everything in between. Just make sure to bring your appetite because the portions are generous.

As if its food & drink were not enough, Jalisco is also the birthplace of mariachi. After a day spent exploring agave fields and touring artisan distilleries, we'll make sure to treat you to a performance of this festive traditional music which you can enjoy while sampling some favorite local Tequilas.


Spirit of Jalisco will coordinate all aspects of transportation from the moment you arrive at the airport. Our driver will escort you to and from the various hotels, distilleries, agave fields, bars, and restaurants in a private vehicle.


Although the basic Spirit of Jalisco package is land-only, discounted group airfare is available for parties of 10 or more leaving from a single airport on the same flight. If you are interested in reserving a ticket through Spirit of Jalisco, please write with your request.