Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I fly in?

You will want to buy a ticket to Guadalajara, Mexico (airport code GDL) as it will be the launching pad for our tours.

If I don't buy my flight through you, how will I coordinate pickup at the airport?

Activities on the first day of the tour start at about 6pm, and end on the last day at around noon, so we find that the window between 12pm and 5pm is the sweet spot for both arrival and departure times.

If you can't find a flight that fits this time frame, not to worry, as we can accommodate most flight schedules. You will just want to make sure that you are arriving on or before the 1st day and leaving on or after the last. Once you've got your reservation, go ahead and send the flight info to

If you're at all unsure about your flight schedule, feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

What distilleries will we visit?

While each group will visit four distilleries, the exact mix will vary from trip to trip. All of the distilleries we travel to with Spirit of Jalisco, however, are among the best artisan Tequila distilleries in Mexico. These include, but are not limited to, San Jose del Refugio (Herradura), La Tequileña (Don Fulano, Selección ArteNOM), Tequila Selecto de Amatitán (Tres Toños, Blue Nectar), El Llano (Tres Agaves, Arette), Fortaleza (Fortaleza, Los Abuelos), La Cofradía (Casa Noble), and many more.

Do I need a passport?

Yes. Although a driver's license used to be sufficient for travel to Mexico, all guests must make sure they have a valid & current (i.e. not expired) passport before reaching Mexico.

Do I need to bring pesos?

It's always a good idea to have some local currency on hand, but you don't necessarily need to take out a lot of money at the bank before coming down. There are ATMs in the international arrivals area of the airport and throughout the areas of Mexico where we will be traveling. Please be aware that US dollars and other foreign currencies are generally not accepted in these areas.

What about safety?

Almost all of the violence you hear about in Mexico is related to the drug trade, which is concentrated in ports and border towns. Thankfully, Tequila country is well removed from these areas. Nonetheless, guests will be accompanied by an expert guide and local host throughout the day, and will always be escorted via private car when traveling between towns or cities. Like any other place, though, if you go looking for trouble you are sure to find it.