Spirit of Jalisco Tequila distillery tours are expert hosted, educational travel packages that include accommodations at upscale boutique hotels; comfortable, professionally chauffeured transportation; and exclusive tours of several carefully curated artisan Tequila distilleries.

In short, our guests experience Tequila education at its best, from discussions in the agave fields with farm managers and jimadores, to tours and tastings with master distillers, you’ll learn why Tequila is among the most complex distilled spirit in the world, and how its cultural significance is interwoven with Mexican history.

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Join us for a tour and live it all: artisan Tequila distilleries, jimadors (agave famers) harvesting the blue agave, and colonial pueblos including the town of Tequila ...more
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Join us for an unforgettable adventure through the Valley of Tequila during the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) in November. Sponsored by Tequila Fortaleza ...more
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You'll visit a collection of the world's best artisan distilleries, where Tequila is still a hand-crafted, labor of love. We frequently update our itineraries to ...more
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Upon arrival for most tours, you will check in to the charming Villa del Ensueño, in old town Tlaquepaque. Featuring spacious rooms, a swimming pool ...more
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Spirit of Jalisco will coordinate all aspects of transportation from the moment you arrive at the airport. Our driver will escort you to and from the various hotels ...more
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Jalisco is nearly as famous for its cuisine as its Tequila, and you will have a chance to sample it all, from banquet style dinners to street taco lunches ...more